XVII EAAE Congress 2023

The theme of the XVII Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists is “Connecting science and society”. The association aims to foster the debate and dialogue over effective policies, innovative strategies, investment priorities and future-oriented educational programs.

The congresses of the EAAE have always aimed at promoting the transition of European agriculture towards fair markets and sustainability, however the last and coming ones are organised under challenges of extreme situations. While the XVI Congress in Prague was affected and reflected the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the coming XVII Congress in Rennes might be good opportunity to echo the effects of soaring energy prices induce by the Russian aggression in Ukraine on the agri-food systems.

The Prague Congress in 2021 attracted (finally) Czech agricultural economists to take part in large number. We hope that even more Czech scientists will send their contributions to the Congress in Rennes next year.

Please, keep in mind that the deadlines for submission are:

  • Contributed papers: January 31, 2023
  • Organised sessions: March 15, 2023
  • Posters: April 1, 2023

It is right time to start to work on your contributions!!!

The link to the XVII EAAE Congress in Rennes is here.