About us

The Czech Association of Agrarian and Environmental Economists and Sociologists (CAAEES) is a voluntary professional organisation which aims at promoting scientific excellence, practical relevance and high ethical standard of research outputs in the area of agricultural, rural and environmental economics and sociology. To achieve its objective, the CAAEES facilitates the communication and exchange of experience among researchers and practitioners, organises seminars, workshops and training sessions, and awards the best scientists in the field in the Czech Republic.

The CAAEES was founded in 2018

The CAAEES contributed substantially to the organisation of the XVI. Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists between 2018 and 2021. The EAAE Congress took place in Prague in July 2021.

CAAEES board

President of CAAES: Tomáš Ratinger (TC CAS, CULS Prague)


  • Miroslava Bavorová (FTA CULS Praha)
  • Lukáš Čechura (FEM CULS Praha)
  • Milan Ščasný (CUNI Praha)
  • Libor Grega (MENDELU Brno)